The Fine Print on How I Work

The Writing Process

As you have likely come to realize, coming up with great web content and blog posts takes time. The amount of time needed is variable depending on the scope of work. All time estimates are dependent upon the individual project, number/complexity of the revisions, your response to timeliness, and my current work schedule. A detailed schedule with estimated timeline milestones will be given to each client at the start of a project.

Here is an outline of the process we will do together:
  1. Client Questionnaire

When you make an inquiry with me, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out so that I can learn more about you and your copywriting needs. Once I’ve had a chance to review it we’ll have a quick telephone conversation to get to know each other better, discuss your vision, pricing, timeframes and determine if we are a good fit.

  1. Welcome letter

Next, I will send you a welcome letter that will outline the scope of work for your project, fees, and what services I will be providing. Included will be your contract listing our terms and agreements and an invoice for 50% of the fees upfront to reserve your place in my schedule before we begin the copywriting process. Any additional work requested once the project is underway will be added to the scope of work and additional fees will be applied.

  1. Writing

This is where you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your project is underway. I will write the content based on your feedback provided on the questionnaire and our telephone discussion. Your contract will have the agreed timeline for completion of the work. I will send you drafts to review, and we will work through the agreed revision process.

  1. Completion

Upon completion of the work, we will go over the details discussed to ensure everything requested is there. The final written creative will be released upon the final 50% payment for the work. At this time I hope you will offer a testimonial for me to add to my website. Now you‘ll have the written proof to show your clients your expert knowledge and client-focused service!


Rates will vary depending on the work involved and will be based on either a flat fee or hourly rate. You can hire me for a single project, on a retainer basis or for a project with multiple elements that we create together.

Time needs to be factored in for interviews and research in addition to the writing. A rush job will be billed at a higher rate than those with a longer timeline.

I follow The Professional Writers Association of Canada’s guidelines for fair rates. Please see Services for further detail.

Fees include:

  • Meetings with you
  • Interviews with other parties involved (as agreed in the contract)
  • Project research
  • Project writing, including two revisions (within the parameters of the agreed contract).
  • You have full ownership of the written content once the final payment is received. I retain the right to use the material in my professional portfolio unless we have previously agreed that the material is to remain confidential.
  • If you change your mind and cancel after the work is underway your deposit will be forfeited. Rights to the written material will not be transferred.
  • Additional project management, such as arrangements for graphic design, printing, or meeting with additional staff not included in the contract, is not included in my fees. Project management fees start at $75 per hour.

As noted earlier 50% of the fee is due when the contract is signed. The final written creative will be released upon the final 50% payment for the work.

How do I pay you?

I will provide you with an invoice detailing the services rendered. Payment can be made by Paypal or by e-transfer to E-transfer password will be your invoice number.

How long will the project take?

You likely already know this answer! It depends on the scope of work and my commitments to other clients when you contact me. Generally speaking a week at minimum will be required to finish a project. Depending on my workload, I may be able to get material back to you in a couple of days. A rush job will be considered anything less than three days.

If you have more questions contact me and I’ll answer them. And don’t be afraid if you don’t think your budget can handle my rates. Tell me the problem you are trying to solve, and we can work out a plan. I’m here to let you focus on what you do best – Sales!