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The Value of Clear Content

While the most important work you do with your clients is face-to-face, your website and social media platforms are critical assets to your business. Over 80% of business searches start online. According to Google, the viewer is searching – to learn more about something, to buy something, to go somewhere, or do something. The trick is understanding where your business fits into any one of those moments and ensuring the quality of your website lets you stand out.

When they check your website what do they see?

It’s all about them and not you!

Your customer doesn’t care about you, they care about what you can do for them. Each step of the way your content needs to show you understand their needs. If someone visits your site for the first time, will they find the answers they are looking for? According to Google, you have 6 seconds to convince them.

Solve the problem. Fulfill a dream. Make them feel someone is listening.

If you sell homes your content should show them how they’ll feel when they move into their first home and stop paying rent.

If you’re a landscaper your website should show them why they will want to plan a party after you re-landscape their backyard.

If you offer a garage repair service don’t fill the pages with product shots when all they care about is your prompt response after their son drives the car through the garage door.

You want to ensure your business is found in searches, your Landing pages and Homepage quickly guides the reader through your site, your Services page tells them exactly what you can do for them, your About Us page describes the skills you offer, and your Blog offers content that builds trust with the visitor and demonstrates that you and your product or service is exactly what they were looking for.

There is strategy involved to spark that interest. Natural keywords that are used in searches need to be woven into your content to attract more visitors. I can work with you to compose short, attention-grabbing paragraphs incorporating those keywords, which will help to raise the possibility of your site being found organically.

If you’ve looked at your site and know there is room for improvement or your Google analytics is telling you that visitors are leaving as soon as they arrive, contact me and we can start planning an upgrade.

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