You’ve been told you’re supposed to add blogs to your website but every time you sit down to write there’s that dreaded writer’s block.


…Your mind is blank.

That same panic that hit you in school comes back. What do you write about? Where do you get your blogging ideas?

It’s simple really. You already have the ideas and the detail. After all, you are an expert in your field. Your blog topics will come from the actions and conversations you have with your clients every day. Think about the questions they ask and use your blog to give your answer. That way you can always refer your clients to your blog to recall any conversation you have face-to-face.

It’s not easy. I guarantee writer’s block will still occur. Like the best actors who get stage fright, even the best of us are left searching for words. On top of that, you do your best work in person, not sitting behind a desk, so make a list of blog topics you can use throughout the year.

When your mind is fresh in the morning and you’ve got your coffee in hand, sit at your deck for a few minutes as you plan your day and write down some of those conversations you discuss with clients. Print out your list or keep that Post-it note and add it to your office bulletin board. Then when it comes time to write you can refer back to that list for ideas.

From time to time you can also use articles written by an industry expert or write about new products you have on hand. Check your Facebook feed for article ideas. And if you do use someone else’s material make sure you link back to the original content and give credit to the authors.

For my real estate friends, here are 10 real estate blog topics to get you started

  1. First-Time Home Buyers Check List
  2. 5 Tips For Buying A Home With Your Head And Not Your Heart
  3. How To Determine The Right Offer Price
  4. What To Expect On Closing Day
  5. Do You Sell Then Buy Or Buy Then Sell?
  6. Secrets To Pricing A Home To Sell
  7. 5 Must Do’s Before Listing Your Home For Sale
  8. How To Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal In Less Than An Hour
  9. 10 Questions To Ask Your Contractor Before Starting A Home Renovation
  10. 7 Quick Staging Tricks

What blog post has given you the most responses? Where do you find your blogging ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

p.s. If you are still struggling with what to write about or you don’t have the time to write, I can help. Writing is what I do. Contact me and let’s get started. I also write for social media and websites.

I’m Diana Cape, and I’ve been writing for businesses large and small for over 25 years. I specialize in creating content for websites, social media, blogs and traditional marketing material for Canadian small businesses. Let me help you choose the content that will reassure your prospects that your industry know-how and skills will make their dream a reality.

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